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Salvatore Giommarresi, freelance comics author and illustrator, he cooperates with schools and associations to unite the ninth art with education, through comics workshops he does with children.
He’s the Editors at the small press LÖKZINE.
He likes to apply creative ways of folding paper to his works and workshops. He also cooperates in the creation of themed workshops that aiming to reach a goal established by the commissioner and he’s in charge of the comics/illustration section at IT.A.CA’. (Responsible tourism festival).
He’s currently working on an international project on citizen journalism with young journalists from all over the European Union.
He works and exhibits in: Italy, Spain, Mozambique, France, Vietnam, U.S.A., Albania.



♦ 2017 , Biennale Giovani Artisti Mediterranea18, Menzione Speciale Giornalismo Nazionale / Grafico, Tirana, Albany.
♦ 2015 , Young Artist selezionato per Napolicomicon, Futuro Anteriore, Napoli, Italia.
♦ 2014 , vincitore di Disegni Diversi, Fano, Italia.
♦ 2013 , vincitore di Coop per le parole (secondo posto), Mantova, Italia.
Artista segnalato di Flashfumetto “Noi e gli altri”, Bologna, Italia.
Vincitore di Alessandro Vicinanza, Roma, Italia.
♦ 2012 , vincitore di Coop per le parole, Mantova, Italia.
Winner of Flashfumetto “Perdersi a …”, Bologna, Italy.

International Projects | AIR

♦ 2017, AIR Project Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for Plus Zero.
♦ 2016, Art coordinator for art workshop, AIR in Maputo, Mozambique for Yoda/Cospe.
♦ 2015, AIR Vittoria Sperimenta, meeting with artists atelier opened, Italy.
♦ 2014, Interactive Diaries,One Youth-Italy,Nebograd-Serbia,MahatatContemporaryArt-Egypt
♦ 2012, AIR in Maputo, Mozambique for Yoda.

Teacher for Workshops and Labs:


♦2017 “Insight creatrive comics”, Istanbul, Turkey
“Volunters now” (youthworker),Roma, Italy
“PCEW Project” (youthworker), Bologna, Italy.
“Ogni valigia un viaggio”(kids), Inpages, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
“Come il Re Mida”(kids) Cabin boy studio, Fruit, Bologna, Italy.
♦2016, “#LEARN IT #OWN IT #EXERCITE IT” Passi, Boogna, Italy.
“Ogni valigia un viaggio”(kids), DPLF,Arca di Noè, Bologna, Italy.
“Tell me where you live”, Agape, Ressano Garcia,Mozambique.
“Cada mala uma viagem”(kids), La Dante, Maputo, Mozambique.
“Comics for forestal”(adults) Cospe Onlus in Academy Art of Maputo, Mozambique.
“Nati per raccontare” (kids) Cabin boy studio for School Volta Castel Debole, Italy.
“Maschere a merenda” (kids) Cabin boy studio, Fruit, Bologna, Italy.
“Ogni valigia un viaggio” (kids) Cabin boy studio,Fruit, Bologna, Italy.
♦2015, “Two faces of the moon” (contest) Sopra i ponti ass., T.P.O., Bologna, Italy.
“Il villaggio te lo sogni!” (for kids) Lökzine,IT.A.CA’., Bologna, Italy.
“Corso fumetto” (for teens) Arci Bologna, Bologna,Italy.
“Stereotypes comics” (for kids and teens) Le mani in pasta, Volabo, Bologna, Italiy.
“Uguali nella vita” Workshop (for kids),Vittoria, Ragusa, Italy.
♦2014, “Ogni valigia un viaggio” (for kids) Lökzine,Fruit, Bologna, Italy.
“A.B.C. ART” (for children and teens) Roseto Valfortore, Italy.
“Ogni valigia un viaggio” (for kids) Lökzine,IT.A.CA’., Bologna, Italy.
♦2013, “Tutta un’altra storia:la mia” (for kids) ExprisComics for School Volta Castel Debole, Italy.
♦2012, “Comic and the fairy tale” (for kids) Lökzine on picture gallery of Cesena, Italy.
“Learn the comic” (for adults) Yoda association in Academy Art of Maputo, Mozambique.
♦2011, “Stories drawn from migrants” (for adults) Expris Comics in Zonarelli’s center, Bologna, Italy.