CC+0 Cu Chi, Vietnam Artistic residency 2017

Artist In Residency .
CU CHI project in 2017 to create workshops, meetings and exchanges between artists. There after, we would archieve sustainable trade in time between CU CHI & PLUS ZERO (Vietnam & France), in order to perpetuate an artistic and human emulation between the two countries / continents / cultures.

MAIR Maputo Artistic residency 2016

Artist In Residence | Maputo | Mozambique
The residence project involves Italian and Mozambique artists, experimentation and travel.

Vittoria Sperimenta Artistic residence 2015

Artist In Residence with theme “Dream”.
9 Artists experimenting with different techniques and show themselves to the curious who visit their ateliers.

Interactive Diaries ROME – CAIRO – BELGRADE

Intercultural art experimentations
Products of collaborations between 9 artists from Egypt, Italy and Serbia. 2014

Comics workshops in Mozambique
Artist In Residence | Maputo | Mozambique