I decided to put together a few pages of this story in strips, for better reading if you are interested you can find the whole story on the shop lokzine. By Salvatore Giommarresi

This new episode of Peanutman! I’m glad you can read it in full here, but do not forget that ò was also published in the magazine so cool  @lokzine. You absolutely must retrieve a copy, it’s amazing! LINK By Salvatore Giommarresi

My illustration for the feast autoproductions <3  leautoproduzionibanchettano: OPEN CALL Per il secondo anno consecutivo LÖK ZINE e IT.A.CA’ Festival realizzano una collaborazione che mira ad unire il fumetto e il viaggio. A differenza dello scorso anno si è...

Read comics Some pages of the new episode of Peanutman published in the magazine LÖK ZINE presented during the festival in Luzern .

lokzine: LÖK ZINE #Anthology A collection of the best works from the beginnings to today.Winners inside #05 ID  LÖK ZINE Get your free copy!